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25 Days Cape Town , Namibia , Botswana and Victoria Falls Safari (Accommodated)

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Travel Information

This vast country is undoubtedly one of the most culturally and geographically diverse places on earth. Fondly known  by locals as the 'Rainbow Nation', South Africa has 11 official languages and its multicultural inhabitants are influenced by a fascinating mix of cultures. Discover the gourmet restaurants, impressive art scene, vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches of Cape Town; enjoy a local braai (barbecue) in the Soweto township; browse the bustling Indian markets in Durban; or sample some of the world’s finest wines at the myriad wine estates dotting the Cape Winelands. Some historical attractions to explore include the Zululand battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal, the Apartheid
Museum in Johannesburg and Robben Island, just off the coast of Cape Town. Above all else, its remarkably untamed  wilderness with its astonishing range of wildlife roaming freely across massive unfenced game reserves such as the  world-famous Kruger National Park. With all of this variety on offer, it is little wonder that South Africa has fast become Africa’s most popular tourist destination.


Located in southwestern Africa, Namibia boasts a well-developed infrastructure, some of the best tourist facilities in  Africa, and an impressive list of breathtaking natural wonders. Visitors can explore the capital of Windhoek and discover the lovely coastal town of Swakopmund boasting remnants of the country’s German influence, reflected in the architecture, culture, cuisine and the annual Oktoberfest celebrations. To properly appreciate this extraordinary country, you will have to venture out of the cities to explore the remarkable natural landscapes Namibia has to offer.
These include: the impressive Fish River Canyon; the vast Etosha National Park teeming with abundant wildlife, such  as lions, desert-adapted elephants and the Hartmann's Mountain Zebra; the hauntingly beautiful Kalahari Desert; and of course the Namib Desert stretching for over 2000 km along the magnificent Atlantic Coast. Namibia is an ideal destination for travellers seeking an unforgettable African experience in a uniquely beautiful untamed wilderness.


Situated in the southern reaches of Africa, Botswana is renowned for its pristine wilderness areas characterised by deep lagoons, wetlands, lush palms, rugged hills and desert plains scattered with scrubland. The country’s primary  tourist drawcard is undoubtedly the vast red expanse of the Kalahari Desert and its remarkably beautiful Okavango  Delta, the largest inland delta in the world. These natural wonders provide a tranquil haven for an abundance of African wildlife to thrive. Other highlights include the impressive Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, where visitors are privy to massive zebra migrations during the flood season; the Savuti plains, which host large prides of lions; and the Tsodilo
Hills, where 4500 rock paintings form a unique record of human settlement over many millennia.

A nation of spectacular natural beauty, friendly people and rich culture, Zimbabwe’s status as one of Africa’s leading  safari destinations was dampened for years by its political instability. But now that the country is transcending its  strife and returning to a state of equilibrium, it is once again emerging as a vacation highlight of the continent. Victoria Falls – known to locals as ‘The Smoke That Thunders’ – is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and  the sheer power of this massive body of water plunging into the Zambezi Gorge is awe -inspiring and unforgettable. Lake Kariba, with its game-rich shores and islands, is an idyllic safari spot featuring mind-blowing sunsets; Hwange
National Park is known for its huge herds of elephants; and a kayak trip down the Zambezi through the Mana Pools  National Park will appeal to the intrepid traveller, providing close encounters with crocodiles, hippos and a host of other wildlife.

Day 1
Day 1-2 Lady Hamilton Hotel, Cape Town / Similar

Cape Town

Resting at the confluence of the Indian and Atlantic oceans, sandwiched between the slopes of the iconic Table

Mountain and the glistening sapphire waters of Table Bay, the exceptionally scenic city of Cape Town is in a class of its own. Some cities boast rich culture, vibrant nightlife, a cosmopolitan atmosphere and extraordinary architecture, while others boast breathtaking landscapes and extraordinary natural wonders. Cape Town is lucky enough to be blessed with all of these attractions and so much more. With its bustling harbour, world-class beaches, top-notch vineyards, and its mountainous surroundings brimming with diverse flora and fauna, Cape Town consistently captivates the hearts of all who visit.

Overnight: Lady Hamilton Hotel

The Lady Hamilton was built in the early 1950s and is named after Lord Nelson’s beautiful mistress, Lady Emma

Hamilton. The Lady Hamilton has a distinct colonial feel and offers 78 comfortable en-suite rooms, either with views of Table Mountain or over the city. All rooms have air conditioning, TV and a safety deposit box. The hotel also offers two family rooms sleeping four persons each.

Included Activities

Table Mountain Visit

Table Mountain Hiking

Table Mountain

Without a doubt it is Table Mountain that makes Cape Town the unique city it is. Rising up over 1000m above sea level, it is the icon that makes Cape Town instantly recognizable. It is a symbol, a playground, a spiritual retreat and a big draw card for tourists. So intertwined with the identity of Cape Town is Table Mountain that a visit to the city isn’t complete without having walked or taken the cable car to the top.

Table Mountain Hiking Table Mountain has hundreds of walking and hiking options. As with hiking anywhere in the world hiking here has its dangers, so be prepared and tell someone where you are going.

Day 2
Day 3: Cederberg Mountains, Cederberg / Similar


The Cederberg is wild, rugged, dramatic and above all, breathtakingly beautiful. The region’s valleys are lined with citrus orchards and surrounded by magnificent mountains that become even more spectacular at sunset when they are bathed in an array of vivid colours. Hiking, bouldering and rock-climbing are popular pursuits in this beautiful natural wilderness, which also affords visitors opportunities to swim in crystal clear rock pools, discover ancient rock art, or marvel at the biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa.

Overnight: Cederberg Mountains

The Cederberg is wild, rugged, dramatic and above all, breathtakingly beautiful. The region’s valleys are lined with citrus orchards and surrounded by magnificent mountains that become even more spectacular at sunset, when they are bathed in vivid colours. Hiking, bouldering and rock-climbing are popular pursuits in this beautiful natural wilderness, which also affords visitors opportunities to swim in crystal clear rock pools, discover ancient rock art, or marvel at the biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa.

Included Activities

Visit to Spice route

Wine tasting

Day 3
Day 4: Norotshama River Resort, Orange River / Similar

Orange River

Rising from the beautiful Drakensberg Mountains in Lesotho, forming part of the international border between

South Africa and Namibia, the Orange River is the longest river in South Africa. The Orange River Basin extends into Namibia and northern Botswana. The river snakes its way through one of Southern Africa’s harshest environments bringing life to an area of sheer rugged beauty. Aside from vineyards in the desert the river also creates a mobile playground from which to explore the area. This spectacular river created the diamond dune fields along Namibia's coast, by washing diamonds downstream from the Kimberly region over millions of years. Visitors can look forward to excellent whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and wonderful river cruises.

Overnight: Norotshama River Resort

This malaria-free retreat is framed by Namibia's breathtaking natural landscape on the banks of the Orange River. Be sure to pack your camera as the route will expose you to stark contrasts of sky, water and sand unlike anything you have witnessed before. Not only will the landscape leave you breathless, but you may well come across the indigenous wild Namib horses that roam this untamed wilderness. To complete a truly memorable day, stop off at the A La Carte Restaurant and indulge in a candle-lit dinner while soaking in a larger-than-life sunset. At Norotshama River Resortthere is a choice of luxury thatched chalets or floating bungalows. Riverside camping sites equipped with individual barbeques, electricity and ablution facilities are available. Norotshama Resort is located inside a private reserve, known as Aussenkehr Nature Park. You can experience the many unique features of the Park by making enquiries at Norotshama reception.

Activities at Norotshama River Resort include:

• Excursions to local canyons, wild Namib horses and Nature Park

• Canoeing

• Fishing and Fly Fishing

• Bird Watching

• Hiking

• Sport Rock Climbing of various grades

• Swimming.

Included Activities


Orange River Canoeing


Orange River Canoeing

Flowing through an endlessly beautiful and rugged desert landscape, the mighty Orange River is an idyllic place for travellers seeking a tranquil and secluded water-based experience. Canoeing and river rafting tours combine

relaxation and excitement, and are a wonderful way to experience the serenity of life on a desert river.

Day 4
Day 5: Ai Ais Hotsprings Resort, Fish River Canyon / Similar

Fish River Canyon

Carving out an epic rocky wonderland in the south of Namibia, the Fish River has created Africa’s largest and the

world’s second largest canyon. Hot, dry and stony, the Fish River Canyon measures a whopping 160 kilometres in

length, at times 27 kilometres in width and 550 metres in depth. The awe-inspiring natural beauty of this ancient

geological marvel draws visitors from around the globe. For those looking for adventure, the intense 85 kilometre Fish River Hiking Trail through1.5 billion years of geological history will definitely thrill avid adventure enthusiasts, and for visitors looking to relax, head over to the canyon's southern end to enjoy a soak in the mineral waters of the renowned hot springs of Ai-Ais, or take in the spectacularly scenic views from Hobas Restcamp as well as numerous other viewpoints along its rim. Other popular activities include: scenic chartered flights, horse riding, nature drives and seasonal kayaking.

Overnight: Ai Ais Hotsprings Resort

Welcome to Ai Ais Resort in Fish River Canyon Namibia for all your accommodation needs. Ai Ais Resort in Fish River Canyon offers quality accommodation for holiday or business travel. Offering an excellent place to rel ax around the thermal baths & heated swimming pool, especially after a hot, dusty drive or when completing the Fish River hiking trail. It is the ideal destination when heading towards South Africa, or north to Sossusvlei and Windhoek, for individual travellers and families alike. Ai-Ais, which means "burning water" in one of the local languages, refers to the sulphurous hot springs which are found in this area. The resort lies at the southern end of the Fish River conservation area and offers a welcome respite to visitors, especially hikers at the end of their walk through the Fish River Canyon. The main attraction at the resort is the spa complex. The extreme heat of the springs date back to 1850 when they were discovered by a Nama herder searching for his lost sheep. Facilities include a restaurant and bar, serving buffet meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, seating up to 100 visitors. Other facilities include a laundry and room service, secure parking and up -todate disabled ramps into all buildings, including the rooms.

Included Activities

Scenic walk along the rim of Fish River

Day 5
Day 6-7 Namib Desert Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia, Sossusvlei/ Similar


Located in the scenic Namib-Naukluft National Park, Sossusvlei is where you will find the iconic red sand dunes of the Namib. The clear blue skies contrast with the giant red dunes to make this one of the most scenic natural wonders of Africa and a photographer's heaven. This awe-inspiring destination is possibly Namibia's premier attraction, with its unique dunes rising to almost 400 metres-some of the highest in the world. These iconic dunes come alive in morning and evening light and draw photography enthusiasts from around the globe. Sossusvlei is home to a variety desert wildlife including oryx, springbok, ostrich and a variety of reptiles. Visitors can climb 'Big Daddy', one of Sossusvlei’s tallest dunes; explore Deadvlei, a white, salt, claypan dotted with ancient trees; or for the more extravagant, scenic flights and hot air ballooning are on offer, followed by a once-in-a-lifetime champagne breakfast amidst these majestic dunes.

Overnight: Namib Desert Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia

Namib Desert Lodge is located 60 km north of Sesriem on the C 19 (Sossusvlei Area).

Set below striking fossilised dunes, the comfortable lodge provides a spectacular experience of ancient desert. 65 rooms, two swimming pools and a waterhole are surrounded by sandy splendour. Breathe in the grandeur on a sunset drive and feel the earth underfoot. Relax in the arms of the Namib.

Included Activities

1. Sundowner Drive at Elim Dunes (Day 1)

2. Sossusvlei Excursion (Day 2) – Deadvlei, Big Daddy, Dune 45, Sesriem,Sossusvlei

Day 6
Day 8: Namib Naukluft Lodge, Solitaire / Similar


Situated in the Khomas region of Central Namibia, the desert town of Solitaire serves as an oasis in the Namib  Desert. There is not much to do or see in the small village of Solitaire, but it nevertheless, it is an important stop on  the way to the ancient dunes of Sossusvlei as it provides the only petrol station, general store and post office  between Sossusvlei and Walvis Bay. Solitaire also has a small bar and is renowned for its famous apple pie-said to be  the best in Namibia. Home to a luxury desert lodge, a motel and a campsite, visitors can easily find comfortable  accommodation in Solitaire. Enjoy a scenic sundowner with views of the spectacular Namib desert, hike and bike  through the unspoilt natural scenery and visit the local Cheetah Sanctuary.

Overnight: Namib Naukluft Lodge

The Namib Desert – unique, with a variety of desert landscapes, gives Namibia its essential character. The Namib  Naukluft Park is the largest Nature Reserve in Namibia and many private nature reserves are nestled at its borders to

form a unity for wildlife and people alike. Namib Naukluft Lodge & Soft Adventure Camp is located on a unique  25,000 ha Private Nature Reserve which stretches from the Namib Desert to the Naukluft Mountains, bordering to  the Namib Naukluft Park on both sides, East and West. This unique and peaceful place has been carefully developed  by its nature loving owners Friedolf and Barbara Sturm and offers a great desert experience for the relaxed holidaymaker and the enthusiastic desert explorer.

Included Activities

Sunset Cheetah Tour

Day 7
Day 9: Atlantic Villa, Swakopmund / Similar


Set along Namibia's spectacularly scenic coast, the seaside town of Swakopmund is known for its wide-open avenues, colonial architecture, and its surrounding otherworldly desert terrain. Founded in 1892 as the main harbour for German South West Africa, Swakopmund is often described as being more German than Germany. Now a seaside resort town, Swakopmund is the capital of the Skeleton Coast tourism area and has plenty to keep visitors happy. The quirky mix of German and Namibian influences, adventure options, laid-back atmosphere and cool sea breeze make it a very popular Namibian destination. Visitors can look forward to a number of exciting activities including: quad biking, horse riding, paragliding, fishing, sightseeing and fascinating desert tours.

Overnight: Atlantic Villa

Situated within sight and sound of the mesmerizing Atlantic Ocean, the Atlantic Villa offers accommodation within  walking distance from the beach, a few minutes drive from Swakopmund town centre and a quiet relaxed atmosphere complimented by its location. The elegantly and luxurious decorated rooms offers spacious and  comfortable accommodation.

Friendly staff will make you feel pampered from the minute you enter the Atlantic Villa Boutique Guesthouse. Relax with a cup of freshly ground coffee in your room or unwind in any of the comfy lounges where you are welcome to  play on the grand piano, or just settle down with a cold drink on the terrace. Accommodation at Atlantic Villa consists of 5 main facets, namely the luxury suites, standard rooms, deluxe rooms, luxury rooms and self catering Units. Atlantic Villa has the facilities to accommodate a variety of travelers.

The main house consists of 5 rooms of which 2 are luxury rooms. In addition, 4 family apartments are available and suitable for self catering. Rooms are equipped with DSTV and internet while some rooms have a private balcony with views of the surrounding desert and ocean.

Included Activities

1. Quadbiking 2. Sandboarding

Day 8
Day 11-12 Okaukuejo Resort, Etosha South / Similar

Etosha South

Located just south of the boundary of Etosha National Park in northwestern Namibia, Etosha South makes up the  southern region of this wild paradise. Ongava Private Game Reserve shares the southern boundary with Etosha National Park and offers an array of luxury lodges overlooking picturesque landscapes dotted with abundant wildlife.

The national park can be accessed via the southern entrance at Andersson’s Gate. Visitors can catch a glimpse of a variety of wildlife including: lion, giraffe, elephant, white and black rhino, and a multitude of plains game. Popular  activities include: game drives, tracking rhinos on foot, guided nature walks, or watch the sunset over this  magnificent landscape.

Overnight: Okaukuejo Resort

Okaukuejo is located 17 km from the southern entrance of the park, and famous for its flood-lit waterhole, where  visitors can observe at close quarters a spectacle of wildlife congregating and interacting. Accommodation is  provided to suit every need, in premier bush chalets overlooking the waterhole; bush chalets and double rooms; or  family chalets. Other facilities include a restaurant, bar, shop, swimming pool, kiosk and camping facilities.

Included Activities

1. Afternoon Game drive (Day 1)

2. Full Day Game drive (Day 2)

Day 9
Day 13: Arebbusch Travel Lodge, Windhoek / Similar


Situated in Central Namibia, the cosmopolitan city of Windhoek serves as the capital of the country. It is home to an international airport and a plethora of restaurants, shops, entertainment venues and accommodation options. The city is clean, safe and well-organised, with a colonial legacy that is reflected in its many German eateries and shops, and the widespread use of the German language. Windhoek has an interesting mix of historical architecture and modern buildings, many of which are worth a look, including the Alte Feste an old fort, the 1896 Christuskirche Christ Church, and the more contemporary Supreme Court.

Overnight: Arebbusch Travel Lodge

Arebbusch Travel Lodge offers high quality accommodation at affordable rates in a natural setting in Windhoek –a gateway to the many wonders of Namibia’s beautiful wide open spaces, its fascinating variety of cultures, nature, wildlife and majestic sunsets. Situated on the banks of the dry Arebbusch River, Arebbusch Travel Lodge nestles in the natural surroundings of the “veld”. Far from the hustle and bustle of central city life, yet minutes away from the capital’s shopping centers and attractions.

Arebbusch Travel Lodge provides a wide variety of accommodation in a safe, clean and family friendly environment. Accommodation types include luxury accommodation, standard rooms, 2 –6 bed self-catering accommodation units and caravan/camping sites. All accommodation may either be taken on a B&B basis or on a self-catering basis.

Featured at the Arebbusch Travel Lodge is a restaurant with a fully licensed bar. Also, there are 2 swimming pools. Other facilities include laundry service, internet access and a reception desk that provides travel assistance.



Windhoek City Tour

Windhoek City Tour

City Tour of Windhoek’s historical buildings & monuments as well as the suburbs of Khomasdal, Katutura &


Day 10
Day 14: Harnas Wildlife Foundation, Kalahari North / Similar

Kalahari North

Situated east of the capital city of Windhoek, the area of the Kalahari North can be found in the northeastern reaches of Namibia. The expansive Kalahari Desert spans over seven countries, some of which include: South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia.

The Okavango River Delta forms part of the northern region of the desert creating an array of waterways and wetlands which support an abundant variety of wildlife. The northern central region is home to ancient dry riverbeds called 'omuramba'. Kalahari North is blanketed in endemic acacia- camelthorn trees, ephemeral rivers, a fossil watercourse and boasts a reasonably regular rainfall, making it the ideal habitat to support fauna and flora. Visitors can enjoy a comfortable stay at one of many lodges and guest farms dotting the area and explore the pristine landscape.


Overnight: Harnas Wildlife Foundation


Harnas Wildlife Foundation was originally established for the protection of animals, and has since grown to include welfare projects and nature conservation projects. Visitors to Harnas can enjoy comfortable accommodation with a range of hospitality, while a range of programs attracts volunteers from across the globe.

Harnas Wildlife Foundation is an experienced and active player in the conservation of Namibian wildlife, the protection of natural resources and provides social, relational and physical education to those who seek the benefit thereof.


Game Drive

Day 11
Day 15: Ghanzi Trail Blazers, Ghanzi / Similar


Situated 300 kilometres southwest of Maun and just north of the Trans-Kalahari highway, which runs from Lobatse in Botswana to Walvis Bay in Namibia, the small town of Ghanzi is sometimes referred to as the 'Capital of the Kalahari'. It serves as the administrative centre of the Ghanzi district which covers a vast area of cattle ranches and farmland in the west of Botswana.The Ghanzi area has a number of lodges which focus on cultural tourism as well as wildlife viewing - here you can experience the fascinating world of the San Bushmen as they explain to you how they forage, hunt and find water in this harsh environment.

Overnight: Ghanzi Trail Blazers

Ghanzi Trail Blazers caters for visitors who wish to have a genuine glimpse of a fast disappearing unique and ancient culture. It offers a number of activities to interact with the San Bushman, and to discover how they survived in the Kalahari. Ghanzi Trail Blazers islocated approximately 5.6 km away from the main road, far enough away to capture the real African bushveldt.

Included Activities

Visits and traditional dancing

Day 12
Day 16: Royal Tree Lodge, Maun/ Similar


Set on the banks of the beautiful Thamalakane River in northern Botswana, Maun is the third largest town in this spectacularly scenic southern African country. Maun is the starting point for most expeditions into the Okavango Delta and as a result, has developed into a bustling metropolis that is considered Botswana’s tourism capital. Area attractions include a renowned riverboat that offers cruises up and down the Thamalakane River; the forest groves of the Maun Game Reserve; and Moremi Game Reserve, home to hippos, lions and rhinos. Maun also serves as the jumping off point for many safaris and air charters as well as offers 4x4 rentals. Don’t miss the Nhabe Museum exhibiting the local history, art and culture of the Ngamiland region.

Overnight: Royal Tree Lodge

Royal Tree Lodge is a private game reserve located twenty minutes from the iconic safari town of Maun, the gateway to the Okavango Delta. The lodge is situated on a private reserve on the banks of the Thamalakane Ri ver with an abundance of wildlife including giraffe, zebra, springbok, ostrich, eland, gemsbok and kudu as well as an extensive variety of bird life. Guests will indulge in comfort and relaxation in one of Royal Tree Lodge’s well appointed, private tented chalets or romantic thatched honeymoon suites. World class cuisine served by candlelight on the lodge’s expansive teak deck, is the perfect way to conclude a day’s safari. At Royal Tree Lodge, it's not just about luxurious accommodation and old world hospitality. Marked walking trails invite guests to create their own adventure allowing safe, intimate interaction with wildlife. For the more adventurous, set off on a horse back safari, scenic flight over the delta, or mokoro canoe trip down the river. Finish off the day with a warm drink around the communal fire as personal safari hosts and Royal Tree Lodge managers share life stories from over 80 years of combined safari experience.

Included Activities

Mokoro Trip

Day 13
Day 17-18 Khwai Guest House, Khwai Community Area / Similar

Khwai Community Area

The Khwai area of the Okavango lies along the northern boundary of the Moremi Game Reserve. This is an unfenced boundary allowing wildlife to move freely between the woodlands in the wet season when water is plentiful and back to permanent rivers and lagoons in the dry season. The Khwai area offers the same wildlife experience as the  reserve with the added advantage of being a private concession which means the ability to do walking safaris and  night drives.

Overnight: Khwai Guest House

Tucked in the heart of the friendly rural village of Khwai, at the doorstep of the Moremi Game Reserve, Khwai Guest House opens the door to a true African experience, offering a pristine immersion into Botswana’s unique nature and  culture.

Welcoming guests in 6 en-suite bungalows, Khwai Guest House offers a cozy nest from which to experience the traditional lifestyle of this small community set among one of the most spectacular wilderne ss locations of Botswana.

Guests have the choice between being completely independent, making use of the communal cooking area and exploring this stunning destination on their own, or enjoying the homely restaurant and joining some of the many  activities on offer: game drives for half a day or a full day in Moremi Game Reserve or in the Khwai concession, traditional dugout canoe (Mokoro) excursions on a channel bordering the game reserve, night drives, cultural tour and encounter of the Khwai community.


Moremi Game Viewing

Day 14
Day 19-20 Savuti Camp, Linyanti Concessions / Similar

Linyanti Concessions

The Kwando-Linyanti river system is home to a series of private game reserves, known for their exotic animal species and luxury safari options. An abundance of wildlife roams freely between the woodland habitats, ancient floodplains and forests that make up these lush, unfenced reserves. The big game in this area increases dramatically during the dry season when the area hosts large herds of impala, blue wildebeest, giraffe and buffalo as well as the world’s highest density of elephant. Several packs of wild dog are found in the area and lion, leopard and cheetah are frequently sighted. Night drives allow for the discovery of nocturnal creatures such as civets, genets, honey badgers and spring hares. This vast, untamed wilderness is the perfect location for those seeking a unique African adventure in an exclusive and remote big game habitat.

Overnight: Savuti Camp View

provides front-row seats to amazing wildlife viewing and the mysteries of the ebb and flow of the Savute Channel waters. Perched high on the banks of the Channel, the camp looks down on a miraculous ribbon of territory that has been both savannah and river over the last few years. Whether experienced in a dry, wet or transitional phase, the area has always been renowned for its game viewing. It holds a magnetic attraction for elephants, amongst other plains game and predators. Large canvas-and-thatch rooms (including a family unit) face the channel, and activities vary with the changes in the landscape. INSIDER'S TIP: Get up close to elephants at the camp’s log-pile hide and watch as they play and quench their thirst at the small water pan.

Included Activities

Guided Bush Walk

Guided Bush Walk

A guided game walk is the best way to experience the bush at close quarters, its smells, it diversity and the emotions it stirs within us. Although good game viewing is often more difficult on foot sightings can be incredibly rewarding and the little things, the birds, the insects, the ecology and exercise is what walking in the bush is all about.

Day 15
Day 21-22 Chobe Elephant Camp, Chobe River Front / Similar

Chobe River Front

The Chobe River forms the northern boundary of the Chobe National Park, renowned for its diverse and abundant game viewing opportunities. This section of the park is best known for its dense concentration of wildlife including elephant and hippo populations, but the waters attract all manner of game including large herds of buffalo an d the lions that prey on them. A visit to this area guarantees close encounters with an array of African wildlife. Visitors can look forward to some exciting activities such as: driving along the game-dotted river banks in a 4WD; cruising along the river in a motorboat, spotting rare birdlife and for a unique, luxury safari experience, hire a houseboat.

Overnight: Chobe Elephant Camp


Located high on the edge of a rocky ridge overlooking the famous Chobe River is the newly developed Chobe Elephant Camp. This uniquely designed lodge has been built to take advantage of the incredible views overlooking the sweeping floodplains while offering a comfortable refuge from the harsh African conditions. Entirely built out of sandbags from the red Kalahari sands that dominate the northern part of Botswana, this ecofriendly lodge presents an original design reminiscent of traditional African farmsteads and can accommodate up to 24 guests in eleven chalets. All rooms are en-suite with both indoor and outdoor showers and have private verandas to fully enjoy the views and surroundings. The lodge also boasts a large open-plan main area featuring a cosy arrangement of couches, bar, dining area and reading corner, along with a swimming pool with viewing deck onto a private water hole.

Included Activities

Boat cruise.


Day 16
Day 23-24 A'Zambezi River Lodge, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe / Similar

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Resting on the southern banks of the Zambezi River at the western end of the eponymous falls, this popular tourist town is compact enough to walk around and makes an ideal base for travellers exploring the seventh wonder of the world, the unfathomably vast Victoria Falls. About two-thirds of the falls can be viewed from the Zimbabwean side and, while the falls are undoubtedly the star attraction, the area provides both adventure seekers and sightseers with plenty of opportunities to warrant a longer stay. Popular activities include scenic flights over the falls in helicopters or microlights, bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge, white-water rafting (seasonal), and day trips to Chobe National Park. The town itself offers some excellent accommodation and restaurant options as well as an eclectic variety of African curios and authentic art sold by friendly Zimbabwean locals who are wonderfully welcoming and eager to help you enjoy your stay.

Overnight: A'Zambezi River Lodge

The immense beauty of the Zambezi has captured the hearts of explorers for over a century. A’Zambezi is famed for its African-style design, curvy lay-out, distinctive thatched roof and its perfect blending into the surrounding environment. Likewise, its accommodation follows the same theme, with thoughtfully decorated river-theme rooms in a variety of options.

Included Activities

visit to Victoria Falls Game Drive

Day 17
Day 25: End of Itinerary



  • 1. Vehicle Fuel
  • 2. Airport transfers
  • 3. Qualified professional Driver guide
  • 4. Accommodation & Meals for the Guide /Clients (as per itinerary)
  • 5. Park entrance fees as per itinerary Activities as indicated in the itinerary
  • 6. Passenger Liability 15%
  • 7. VAT 2% Tourism Levy
  • 8. Dinner bed & breakfast


  • 1. All expenses of personal
  • 2. All meals not mentioned
  • 3. Above Drinks at lodges and on road
  • 4. All optional excursions and activities
  • 5. Tips for tour guides
  • 6. International flights and airport taxes
  • 7. Items not mentioned in the itinerary
  • 8. Nature Entrance fees not mentioned in the itinerary

Accommodation Destination Basis Duration
Lady Hamilton Hotel Cape Town D, B&B 2 Nights
Cederberg Mountains Cederberg D, B&B 1 Night
Norotshama River Resort Orange River D, B&B 1 Night
Ai Ais Hotsprings Resort Fish River Canyon D, B&B 1 Night
Namib Desert Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia Sossusvlei D, B&B 2 Nights
Namib Naukluft Lodge Solitaire D, B&B 1 Night
Atlantic Villa Swakopmund D, B&B 2 Nights
Okaukuejo Resort Etosha South D, B&B 2 Nights
Arebbusch Travel Lodge Windhoek D, B&B 1 Night
Harnas Wildlife Foundation  Kalahari North D, B&B 1 Night
Ghanzi Trail Blazers Ghanzi D, B&B 1 Night
Royal Tree Lodge Maun D, B&B 1 Night
Khwai Guest House  Khwai Community Area D, B&B  2 Nights
Savuti Camp Linyanti Concessions D, B&B  2 Nights
Chobe Elephant Camp Chobe River Front D, B&B  2 Nights
A'Zambezi River Lodge Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe D, B&B  2 Nights


B&B: Bed and Breakfast

D, B&B: Dinner, Bed and Breakfast

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Step 7: Within a short while proforma Invoice will be forwarded to you by our Senior tour consulant and you will need to make a Confirmation payment of 20% and remaining 80% should be paid 30 days before the tour.

You can send your inquiry via the form below.

Price From USD$4,688/person
Total $ 9,376 USD