Zulu Nyala Game Reserve

Zulu Nyala is a very small safari park nestled between the wilderness reserves of Hluhluwe, Mkuze and St Lucia. There are no lions in the park, but it is easy to get up close to all the other Big Five animals as well as cheetah. Because of the limited size of the park, game drives rapidly become repetitive, but well- priced packages are offered with excursions to nearby reserves and attractions. Zulu Nyala offers reasonable wildlife viewing of several big safari animal – including four of the Big Five (no lion). The park is very small and numbers of any species are limited. Leopards are present, but rarely seen. Cheetahs are especially relaxed without lions on the property, and watching a mother with cubs or a coalition between two brothers is a special experience. This small park feels a bit like a ranch. There are patches of indigenous vegetation and areas of exotics, such as eucalyptus. There is a beautiful patch of fever tree forest in the centre and a man-made dam but, overall, it's not a pristine environment.