Tembe Elephant National Park

Tembe Elephant Park is a place for all elephant lovers. This is one of the few places in Africa (and the only place in South Africa) where you can still see some of the remaining legendary big tuskers. The park is Big Five territory and offers a very exclusive wildlife experience. Tembe is a public park with the lodge being owned by the local community. It offers all-inclusive packages. When staying at the lodge you'll get an experience that is somewhat comparable to a private reserve, but at much lower rates. There is a limit to how many self-drive visitors are allowed to come into the park, only 4x4 vehicles are permitted. Tembe's elephants are acknowledged giants. The bulls are huge in size and their tusks are phenomenal. The hide at the waterhole is the best place to sit and watch these giants coming and going. All other major safari animals are present, but big cat sightings are hit-and-miss. Tembe Elephant Park is a critical part of a planned transfrontier park on KwaZulu-Natal's northern border with Mozambique and Swaziland. It protects a tract of very rare sand forest, home to many birding specials. Other habitats include thick woodland, wetlands and verdant pans.