Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is the gateway to Northern Namibia. It is Namibia’s prime wildlife location and consists of large variety of mammals and birds. Etosha means the ‘great white area ‘this is mainly the large dried pan in the centre of the Etosha Park.

Visit Etosha National Park in Namibia this season and find Namibia’s wildlife. As one of the photographers dream, plan your visit to Namibia and experience the great Etosha National Park Safari.

One of the greatest wildlife spectaculars on earth herds of elephant, black-maned lions and the world’s largest population of rare black rhinos roam the plains of the Etosha National Park. For more than 100 years through fire, rain and drought, Etosha has provided a vast sanctuary for wildlife. Watch as thunderstorms consume the landscape during the wet season. For a brief period, the plains are alive with colourful flowers and young antelope. But, when the air turns hot and dry, life is drawnto one of Etosha’s 86 springs, fountains and waterholes. Savour the thrill of spotting animals hidden in the bush, or simply wait for animals to come to you. Herds of wildebeest, lines of zebra, groups of ostrich and elegant giraffe emerge out of the heat. Haze to drink at one of the seeps found at the edge of the magnificent Etosha Pan. At night, soak in both the silence and the charged atmosphere at one of Etosha’s three floodlit waterholes where you never know what might appear out of the darkness.

All these factors create the Etosha National Park an exclusive safari destination and known for its irresistible status amongst local and international visitors alike. Book well in advance with Enrico's Tours & Safaris to plan your route in the park carefully, to make your Namibia Tour a great one.