Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is the second leading conservation area in Botswana. It is home to the largest elephant inhabitants among all National Parks in Africa. Famed for its phenomenal wildlife - Chobe is encompassing swamps, floodplains and woodlands.

Chobe National Park is one of the top safari destinations in Africa spread across a vast area of nearly 12 000 square kilometres.

Located in the north of Botswana, Chobe National Park is famed for its elephants, its varied habitats, its extensive array of animals and birds and its attractive river, which allows for astounding game viewing by boat.

Chobe offers safari travellers the prospect to know-how the African wilderness and all its majesty everyone can seen where a large variety of diverse animal and bird species can be seen on a daily basis. Also the Chobe River in the National Park is famous for the best game viewing in all of Africa. A Chobe National Park Safari gives safari travellers an ability to see the largest elephant herds in Africa, superb African sunsets on a boat cruise and a true Big 5 safari.

The Best Time To Visit Chobe National Park is from May to October. The hottest months being September and October and the cooler winter months May to August to visit Chobe National Park. This is the real time to experience the best game viewing around the waterholes and rivers, but it is also regarded as the crowded and high priced time to visit.

One of the most remarkable safari experiences is the up-close with wildlife at Chobe National Park, and Enrico's Tours & Safaris can guarantee you will have them often during your visit. Welcome to the park to find some of the highest game density in entire Africa.

Start your adventure of a lifetime through the Chobe National Park with us, and prepare to be enthralled and stunned by the abundance of wildlife in the park.