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Enrico's Tours & Safaris is a Dynamic Travel and Tourism company that primarily focuses on Wildlife, Nature, and Memory creation. This company was created by young man’s passion and love for his country. He is a professional in the areas of tourist guiding, animal caretaking and front office operations.

Enrico’s Tours Team seeks to take on every working day as a new challenging, never resting on his laurels but instead building a better experience for the guest based on their past accomplishments and new found knowledge.

Our Tours are mostly focused entirely on Namibia, Botswana and South Africa but with specially request we have customised tours that provide more comprehensive adventures into neighbouring Southern African Countries namely Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Enrico's Tours & Safaris is a dynamic Travel and tourism companies that primary focuses wildlife, nature, and memory creation. Our Namibian adventures tours will show you all the amazing richly divers’ landscape, cultures, and wildlife you always dreamt of. We are registered members of TASA (Tour and Safari Association) and registered with NTB (Namibian Tourism Board).



We at the Enrico's Tours & Safaris are committed to establish the brand quality of Enrico's Tours & Safaris as an organization of trust, providing reliable and quality travel solutions to meet all the said and implied needs of the customer, achieving optimum customer’s satisfaction through highly motivated employee’s involvement and established continually quality management system. Our main aim though, is to share our journey with you and make sure that you return home feeling enriched by your wanderings in Africa.



With our customer-focus approach, coupled with knowledgeably and innovative human power, we aspire to be the epitome of success in the travel and tourism industry, catering to clients with in and out of our borders. Through our efforts in living up to the expectations of the highest standards, we are moving towards becoming one of the leading tour operators.

Clarence Enrico Goagoseb

General Manager

Clarence Enrico Goagoseb is a graduate of the London School of Business majoring in Business Administration. He has over 5 years’ experience in the Namibian tourism industry and Medical Industry in Namibia. 7 Years ago Clarence Enrico graduate in Nursing School whereby he was a theatre Nurse for 3 Years before becoming a Business Man.

6 Years ago Clarence explored South Africa and Namibia and felt in-love with its landscapes and beautiful creatures . he then wanted the rest of the world to see and feel what he felt. He founded Enrico’s Tours and Safaris in 2014 and to this day he and his team of professionals provide quality unforgettable travel experiences.


Enrico's Tours & Safaris were established to bring a fresh and innovative approach into the Southern African tourism sector. With its young, qualified and nature loving team, Enrico's Tours & Safaris has set its goal to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and pay attention to detail. Enrico's Tours & Safaris specialize on the individual traveller.

We put great emphasis on the personal contact to our clients and as our company is based in Windhoek, we can arrange a meet-and-greet upon arrival.

Over the past years, we gathered broad knowledge and multi-facet experience in the travel market, especially the tailor made and individual planned market. We thus are proud to offer the following types our travel methods throughout Southern Africa. And Namibia in particular:

Guided tours

Self-drive tours

Accommodation bookings

Car rentals

Every tour booked through us should become an unforgettable experience.

Why Choose Us When We Established


Enrico's Tours & Safaris focuses on providing personal services to its travelling guest. We give our clients personalized care and attention to make their Journey an Awesome one. We advise & make reservations on behalf of our Clients to provide a sense of trust and loyalty.

Namibia is an extremely beautiful country with a diverse culture, incredible landscapes, and unique wildlife. Our duty as a tour operator is to explore all the magnificent creatures of nature with you.


Chandre Fielding


Chandre Fielding (4 years supervisor experience)

Isabella Goagoses


Isabella Goagoses (5 Years’ experience)

Latoya Suze


Latoya Suze (4 Years’ experience)


Hilton Gallant

Hilton Gallant

5 Years experience

Alma Uatekula

Alma Uatekula

3 Years Experience


Leigh Saunderson


Leigh Saunderson (2 Years Experience)

Gregory Gaingob


Gregory Gaingob (10 Years experience)

Macdonald Hanse


Macdonald Hanse (8 Years experience)