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Camping Safaris mixes the best of the African bush with a special and deluxe atmosphere. The Luxury Camping Safari brings the perfect combination of a roaming lifestyle with all the accessories of a super-luxury stay.

Combine a soothing wilderness retreat with high adventure journey for great Camping Safaris. A lovely campfire with chairs is prepared each evening for sundowners. Night in camp is comfortable and enthralling. Sit alongside the campfire and relish the sounds of the African night, or enjoy stunning stargazing, before retiring to your tent to sleep.

With many years of experience in camping in Africa, Enrico's Tours & Safaris has offered the Luxury Camping Experience. We are really proud of our relaxing camping in wilderness places and our travellers are astonished by the quality of the food, the overall comfort, and the many intangibles that describe our regular trips. However, this African Safari style trips take that to another level.

We've chosen the best African Safari Destinations and the best locations across the country to allow you to experience the very best in exciting camping. Our Luxury Camping Safaris to Africa concentrate on Namibia Camping Safari, Botswana Camping Safari, South Africa Camping Safari offering adventure in comfort.

Luxury Camping Safari is one of the best safari retreats in Africa. You gather and live as close as possible to real wildlife, Book Now.

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