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Botswana is Mother Nature’s greatest theatre: an epic performance of wild drama on a truly breathtaking scale. Rain writes the script, perennially transforming dusty red desert into lush swamps, immense floodplains, and vibrant savannas. The characters endear and inspire, migrating and congregating in their thousands as the acts unfold. Hippos cover entire riverbeds, hundreds of elephants arrive on cue, and majestic big cats deliver earth-shaking lines.

Experience the stunning beauty, the unimaginable vastness, the isolation and other-wordliness, the astoundingly profile wildlife of the best kept African secret of Botswana.

  4 reasons Trip to Botswana will change your Life

Out in the bush, where the sounds of civilisation can’t reach and the stars still come out at night, this is where we find what many of us have lost. Spending time in Botswana will help open your eyes to the role each life form plays and the delicate balance in which we all coexist.

One of the most common reasons to choose Botswana as a holiday destination is to marvel at its astounding variety of wildlife. Imagine wandering out of your tent in the early morning to find a giraffe snacking from the tree in front of you, or stumbling across an elephant on a walk through the bush.

Travel exposes you to a way of life that you may not have experienced before. It often reveals a whole new world for your senses to enjoy – food you’ve never tasted, music sung in languages that are new to your ear, artwork using methods you’ve never seen before.

Africa will challenge your previous perceptions of what abundance really is, whether it stems from stability and wealth or creativity and determination, and whether it should be measured in money or joy. Africa will show you that with hard work you can always make something out of what might appear to be nothing.


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