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why namibia is the most family-friendly african country to provide the real travel experience?

Why do people take the family trips? And why African countries are said to be the heaven for real travel experience with the family? It is because; introducing children to the thrill of Africa is not only great fun, but also an unforgettable and educational experience. Long gone are the days of taking minibuses cramped with strangers; today the experience can be enjoyed with just you and your family, in some truly incredible ways, by self driving a car in the African wilderness. Every of the African nations thrive with abundant varieties of wild animals, pristine scenic views and some of the African mysteries. Hence planning with family to any of the country in Africa is worth visiting. Yet some of the countries are there like Namibia that would provide extra facts and funs to your family which would make their experience both exciting and unforgettable.

Namibia As A Destination


People love Africa. The reasons are biologically every human on Earth is related to this soil if we believe that, the 1st huma stood here. Secondly its exotic scenic beauty and varieties of wild life has been attracting to the visitors from world over for centuries. Hence if you have been tired of the traditional vacation destinations like Tanzania and Uganda, and therefore looking for new places to explore then Namibia is a good idea. Holidays In Namibia are diverse and cater to every budget. Perfect for the enquiring minds of the young and young at heart, Namibia is the right selection. There is something exciting for every member of the family in the spectacular and wild environment of it.

Namibia Is One Of The Safest Countries In Africa

Served by direct flights from Europe to its capital city Windhoek, or just a short flight from the nearest international gateway of Johannesburg and Cape Town in neighbouring South Africa, Namibia is a relatively cheap and safe destination that is ideal for self-drive enthusiasts.

Why To Choose This Country?

The Country Is Less Populated:

Just over 2 million residents consisting of 13 different tribes, scatted across its 824 269 square kilometres. It is a heaven for those want tranquillity and quietness.

Its Climate Is Fairly Mild During Winter To Hot Summer:

It is an all year round destination.

Namibia Has Plenty Of Wildlife And Beautiful Nature:

It has been bestowed with green African forest, savannah grasslands and a semi-desert. The stunning landscapes with variant wild life are the biggest draw-cards of it.

Namibia's Road Infrastructure Is Well-Developed:

It is always awe-inspiring to take a self drive with your family among the vast scenic beauties the country hosts.

The People Of Namibia Are Very Friendly:

Earning the country its nickname of "The Smile on the Face of Africa", and tourists leave with mostly positive memories of each personal interaction.

No Malaria And No Yellow Fever In Namibia:

You need to take malaria pills and get vaccination against yellow fever if you travel to most African countries but not in Namibia. Overall, there are not many flies or mosquitoes in Namibia, so Namibia tourist areas have been malaria-free.

Things To Do In Namibia

Cultural Tour:-

Take a cultural tour by driving deep into the Namibian villages. Namibians are the most hostile people in the world. They treat the visitors as their guests. Learning about their life style, art and architecture, food and festivals would be a great fun for your family.

Wildlife Tour:-

Visit different national parks and observe the life of various wild animals (leopards, lions, elephants, hyenas, antelopes, etc.) in their natural environment. Among the most popular wildlife tour destinations is Etosha National Park which is a home of a striking variety of species. Etosha also has several family-friendly lodges, with fenced-off areas for kids, shallow swimming pools and children's playrooms - perfect for anyone travelling with kids in Namibia. You may visit to Damaraland desert, homeland of magnificent desert elephants. Your kids would be highly excited by finding the wandering ferocious animals just at a distance from them.

Walking Tour In Namib Desert:-

Discover the wonders of the Namib Desert famous for its vast territory and unusual flora and fauna species that are not found in other areas of the world. Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and unique desert wildlife during your walking tour.

Sand Boarding:-

It is a great way for older children and teenagers to have an active day in the desert. Littler kids can join in by surfing the dunes on the instructor's back as sand boarding might be tough for them.

Quad Biking:-

If you’ve older children, you can head out on quad bikes for an exhilarating ride up and down the dunes. You’ll weave through smaller dunes before revving up the bigger ones.

Where To Stay?

As accommodation for your family safari holidays in Namibia, you are usually recommended smaller guest farms and lodges because these tend to be more flexible, for instance with regard to meal times. Many of them have a big garden and adjoining rooms specifically designed to Accommodate Families On Namibia Safari Holidays.


With eleven distinct ethnic groups, there are various favourite dishes available in Namibia and many of them must touch to your taste. Besides some of the Local beers like Windhoek Export, Windhoek Premier Lager etc are most popular in the region.

Namibia is Africa - a classic desert and safari destination with virtually no malaria, safe drinking water, excellent roads, widely-spoken English and low crime rates. It is one of the best destinations in the world to plan with family. If you are planning for a family trip or a group tour, then nothing can be the best choice for you than Enrico's Tours & Safaris: a champion travelling agency for African Safaris. Hence contact with Enrico's Tours & Safaris for better tour information on today.

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